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December 27, 2023

Your wedding day is a celebration not just of love and commitment, but also of the cherished relationships that have shaped your life. Among those closest to you are your bridesmaids. These are the supportive, loving individuals who stand by your side as you exchange your vows. Expressing gratitude to these special people calls for thoughtful, heartfelt bridesmaid gifts. The key is finding something they will actually use and appreciate. Here are ten bridesmaid gift ideas to help you express your thanks in style!

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Bridesmaid Gift Idea #1: Pay For Their Dress or Wedding Day Services

Let’s be real. Being a bridesmaid can be expensive. One of the most generous gifts you can give your bridal party is helping take some of this cost burden off of them. Paying for the dress they are wearing in the wedding is a generous gift. Alternatively, covering the cost of hair, makeup or manicures/pedicures for the wedding is also a great, practical option.

Bride walks with bouquet as veil trails behind.  She's followed by bridesmaids in velvet dresses.  The dresses were a bridesmaids gift.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas #2: Self-Care Spa Products

After the whirlwind of wedding preparations, treat your bridesmaids to a spa-like experience at home. A luxurious spa gift set comprised of bath bombs, scented candles, body lotion, or a plush robe will offer them a well-deserved opportunity to relax and unwind. My favorite product picks are these Brightening Eye Masks, this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Serum or aromatherapy Shower Steamers.

Idea #3: A Fun Experience

Hear me out. Consider gifting experiences instead of material items. Treat your bridesmaids to a spa day, cooking class, wine tasting, or tickets to a show – an opportunity for them to create new memories and relax a bit. Whether enjoying this with you, by themselves, or with a significant other, at least you know this won’t sit in a closet collecting dust.

Idea #4: A Cute Bag or Wristlet

I think an important part of this one is choosing a bag they will use more than once. Matching bags are cute, but I also love choosing an individual bag that the bridesmaid would actually pick for herself. I love the adorable leather wristlets like these that come in a ton of different color options. Instead of getting personalized bags with a bridesmaid’s name on them, you could give each of the gals a different coordinating color! Another cute one is the trendy weekender style bags like this one.

Idea #5: A Custom Gift Box

There are a lot of great gift boxing companies out there if you want to curate something cute for your bridesmaids. I love Sage and River Gifting and similar companies. Choose from their collection of candles, self care products, gourmet treats and more. Boxes can also be made to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid!

Idea #6: Classy Loungewear

Loungewear is always a hit!

  1. Cute matching robes
  2. Satin Pajamas
  3. This incredible Lounge set that you can get in a ton of different colors

Idea #7: Custom Candles

Create a customized scented candle. Opt for candles with personalized labels or scents that evoke memories of your friendship/relationship. These can be funny or sentimental, whichever is the right fit for the two of you. You can customize and add any text you want to these candles on Amazon. Or you can pick one of these funny ones like this one below from my own shop on Etsy.

A soy wax candle in pink tissue paper.  The candle is a bridesmaid gift. The label reads "I Can't Get Hitched without my favorite bitch"

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #8: Personalized Jewelry

Consider gifting your bridesmaids personalized jewelry pieces. Whether it’s delicate necklaces, bracelets adorned with their initials, or earrings with their birthstones, these personalized gems will remind them of your special day every time they wear them.

I love these simple initial necklaces

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #9: Yeti Drinkware

When I drink alcohol, it’s typically hard seltzers. I use my Yeti Seltzer Rambler ALL the time. Choose a Yeti or other drinkware item that will best align with what your bridesmaid typically drinks. If they don’t drink beer or soda, a typical size can coozie isn’t a great option. Vary the style you get and cater it to the individual. Not all bridesmaid gifts have to be matching!

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #10: A Framed Photo of the Two of You

This is a nice gift to send after the wedding. Use a cute photo of the two of you from the wedding and have it professionally framed at a company like Artifact Uprising. Gift it to your bridesmaid with a heartfelt thank you note for an extra special gift she’ll cherish forever.

Remember, while these gifts are tokens of appreciation, it’s the thought and personal touch that make them truly special. Consider the individual preferences and personalities of your bridesmaids when choosing the perfect gift to convey your gratitude. Show them just how much their presence and support mean to you on this momentous occasion. This is the one time your wedding day shouldn’t be about you! Hope you loved all of these Bridesmaid Gift Ideas! One more bonus idea: Get cute matching sunglasses and scrunchies for your girls like these. So cute!!

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