How to have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

wedding couple at the alter as their officiant raises his hands to speak to them


January 30, 2024

Your wedding ceremony is a cherished moment and the official celebration of your union. In this digital age, where smartphones are extensions of our hands, the idea of an unplugged wedding ceremony might seem unachievable. However, the beauty of asking guests to put away their devices can allow them to enjoy your day more and all your photographer to capture photos that aren’t obstructed by phones or other devices. Unplugged ceremonies are the way to go, but it’s not as easy as you think. Here’s my advice to actually getting your guests to put that device down. Here’s a hint: if you just put up a sign, half your guests won’t read it/will ignore it, so make sure to do the other two steps as well!

Put up an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign

Even though a lot of guests will miss it, still put up a sign requesting an unplugged wedding. A lot of your guests will be mingling, chatting and distracted when sitting down for your ceremony. They are trying to find a seat and catching up with people they haven’t seen in a while. Many of them will not read your sign. But it is still helpful because many of them will! The sign is one part of the three piece puzzle that I recommend to actually get you to have an unplugged ceremony.

Add a note in your Wedding Program

Part two is reinforcing the request in writing again. When you are creating your wedding program, add a note asking guests to put their devices away and truly enjoy your unplugged wedding ceremony. Adding one simple line about this in your program will reinforce your request with guests.

Have your Officiant mention the Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

After the combination of the sign and the program, some people still may not understand the request for an unplugged ceremony. Have your officiant make an announcement right after the processional as they welcome the guests and begin the ceremony. One thing I’ve seen a lot of recently is giving the guests one minute to take photos and then asking them to put them away. Then they still feel like they got their photo of the wedding couple and they can put the devices away the rest of the ceremony.

a couple is at the alter and their officiant is speaking to them with his hands in the air.  He tells guests to put their phones away for an unplugged wedding ceremony.

The decision to host an unplugged wedding ceremony isn’t about banning technology. It’s about fostering a deeper connection among guests and honoring the significance of the moment. When phones are tucked away, attendees are more present. Their undivided attention is on the couple exchanging vows, the emotions shared between families, and the ambiance that surrounds the celebration.

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